Are you Ready to Jump Start Your Spiritual and Physical Health to Feel Confident, Healthy, and Full of Energy? 

If you answered YES, I have the plan for you! Come Join my 21 Day Move Pray Love Lifestyle Plan Today


Keep Reading to Learn More about the Plan and How you can Bundle Up and Save over 50%! Order the plan today for a donation of $25 

Dear Friend,

I'm really excited to connect with you and share my Move Pray Love Lifestyle Guide! It's my hope that this guide will inspire you to Move with Purpose, Pray and Connect with Your Heavenly Father, and Love Yourself and Those Around You- But most importantly Bring GOD Glory in all that YOU Do! 

– Brooke Farmer, Co-Creator of Move Pray Love®

Here's Why I'm Excited to Share My Move Pray Love Lifestyle Plan with You for a Donation of $25 

  It's my prayer that this guide jumpstarts your physical fitness by helping you tone up, eat healthy, and have more energy along with helping you connect spiritually with your heavenly Father through daily prayer and studying God's word. Also your donation of $25 helps our ministry help others by giving back to women, teens, and kids through workout and worship events, educational ministry resources, and charitable donations. 

Meal Plans and Workouts 

Easy to follow meal plans for everyday on the plan including great tasting recipes along with workouts that you can do from home, regardless of you fitness level. 

Daily Devotions and Scriptures

Devotions to encourage you and scriptures that will movtivate you to connect spiritually.

Learn to Love God, Love Yourself, and Love Others

Join the Community on Facebook at Move Pray Love with Brooke for additional encouragment, devotions, and community to get conneced with other like minded sisters in Christ or join the community on Instagram @Movepraylove 

What's Included With Your Plan? 

Join the Move Pray Love Lifestyle Plan Today for Your Donation of $25 or more and receive Brooke’s comprehensive lifestyle plan, including her strategies to look and feel your best! This is a complete step-by-step program with easy-to-follow meal plans, detailed workouts, and spirit-filled devotions.  

Your Move Pray Love Lifestyle Plan Includes: 

  • * 21 Days of Meal Plans with Easy to Make Recipes that your whole family will enjoy 
  • * 21 Days of Easy to Read Devotions and Power Scriptures to Memorize and Study 
  • * 21 Days of Workouts with step by step pictures and directions, making it easy to work-out from home regardless of your fitness level. 
  • * Encouragement and Motivation to Jump Start Your Physical and Spiritual Health 
  • *Join the Private Facebook Group for additional Encouragment and Support at Move Pray Love with Brooke on Facebook 
  • Immediate Digital Access to your Lifestyle Guide delivered through email, your book will arrive within 3-5 days.  


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Move Pray Love 21 Day Lifestyle Plan with Meal Plans, Devotions, and Workouts 

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What's AMAZING about the Move Pray Love Bundle?

When you order the Move Pray Love Bundle you recieve an entire Lifestyle Kit with EVERYTHING that you need to start living a healthy and happy life! Your Move Pray Love Bundle includes: 

  • Move Pray Love Lifestyle Guide Book! 
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